Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Videoshop - Video Editor on App Store

Videoshop is an easy video editor with fast editing tools, filters and many other effects for personalizing your videos.

1. Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments.
2. Music: Add from your iPod library or Videoshop's stock library.
3. Sound effects: Choose from animals noises, fa...

Developer: Joseph Riquelme

Flight Fight 2 on App Store

“Flight Fight II” allows you to challenge more stages, defeat more enemies, and select from more weapons and characters. Now, enjoy the fun of this distinct flight shooter!

-More than 90 stages. Challenge each one in Normal, Hard and Nightmare modes.
-3 available characters. Each character...

Developer: Xing Xing

Document Manager + Video Player on App Store

The app now includes a fully integrated browser and a video player. Videos can be viewed online and offline .

Please note that YouTube, vimeo and most other videos can not be downloaded for copyright reasons. Download for this videos is restricted

You can download videos from cloud se...

Developer: Ralf Hollax

Grungetastic on App Store

***Free for a day***

Rock your Photo with Unwell Textures and Tones

Grungetastic cranks your photos to 11 with seven hot and heavy looks: Classic Grunge, Bleached Grunge, Worn Pop, Worn Grunge, Gritty Grunge, Distressed and Pop Grunge. These seven fun and aggressive styles let you ...

Developer: JixiPix Software

Epica Pro - Epic camera and photography booth for taking legend and creative pics on App Store

Free for limited time! Don’t miss it!
The most funny app in the world! Show the world your magic via amazing looking collages you have never seen in any other apps!
Looking cooler than any of your friends, making your whole family laugh out loudly just need one thing: grab your camera and take...

Developer: Wanman, Inc.

Quick Alarm: Nightstand Clock on App Store

The most beautiful clock app!
Simple and stylish alarm clock designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Give a touch of elegance to your dock station!

· Alarm Clock (alarm works even when the screen is locked)
· Background Alarm: you will receive sound notification alarms ev...

Developer: Diesel Puppet

Space Inversion 2. on App Store

** FREE for 1 day only **
Space Inversion is the highly rated arcade Invader style shooter and it's back with a vengeance!
bigger and better than ever before and now featuring a new Arcade mode with regenerating aliens and power ups to even the odds.
New bonus "Meteor Storm" and "Flying Sa...

Developer: merlyn lear

Stopwatch Plus: Best Fitness Time Tracking Watch (Ad free) on App Store

Stopwatch Plus is the most professional and beautiful stopwatch in the App Store. Do not miss a perfect companion for sports and other activities!

· An identical and time-tested interface!
· Detailed lap history
· Share recorded laps by Email, Facebook or Twitter
· Shake...

Developer: Diesel Puppet

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Instaflash on App Store

Instaflash is your go to photo app with all the tools you need to perfect your photos instantly.

Transform dark and dull shots into vibrant photos and amaze your friends and family.

Quickly edit multiple photos using intuitive gestures. Swipe left or right to load next photo from came...

Developer: Anlei Technology Inc.

Rotate Video 360° - Any Angle on App Store

Rotate Video 360° solves the problem of your iPhone or iPad incorrectly orientation when recording videos, you can now rotate your videos in a very easy way, directly on your device. Also, if your videos are sideways or upside down when played on Windows, it can be fixed. The videos can be rotated i...

Developer: Jacky Wu

Instatube 2 - Video Player for YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion on App Store

*** Free for a very limited time ***

- Support for YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion
- Continuous playback, background playback.
- Manage videos & playlists
- Supports remote controls
- Full HD videos (720p & 1080p)
- Supports repeat one, repeat all, shuffle
- Sync favorites/pl...

Developer: HQ Media

Apache 3D Sim on App Store

!!! FREE for limited time !!!

Top #5 app in more than 20 countries!!!
Enjoy a fully featured combat flight simulator and join over 1.500.000 players.
Apache 3D Sim brings in the game such incredible detailed processing of a combat helicopter with a unique physics and weapon system that ...

Developer: iTechGen

Data Monitor Pro - Control Data Usage in Real Time on App Store

* Manage the Data Usage on your device in Real Time. *

Data Monitor Pro will monitor both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and WiFi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data usage to avoid the costly overage charges your provider may charge provi...

Developer: Nutec Apps, LLC

Blendamaze on App Store

Labyrinth + Paint = Blendamaze!

From the makers of the colorful har•mo•ny series comes Blendamaze, an addictive new way to put your color theory skills to the test! The marble is your virtual paintbrush as you blend primary, secondary and tertiary colors in over 100 beautiful, handcrafted le...

Developer: BorderLeap, LLC

Air-Photos on App Store

Air-Photos is a wifi photo Viewer lets you direct view your photos from your computer without sync.

Do you think that is very troublesome to import photos from your computer,especially when you have to keep updating photos?
Is it not enough memory to hold your thousands of photos?

Developer: AirPhoto

BusyBox - Track your time, focus on what matters on App Store

Over 50000 people track their time with BusyBox!

BusyBox lets you track the time you spend on all your activities.

+ Daily Tracking +
Visualize your activities for the current day.

+ Data Visualization +
Track the total time you spend on e...

Developer: Claire Reynaud

MathStudio Express - Symbolic (CAS) graphing calculator on App Store

Whether you need a simple calculator to do your finances or a replacement for your TI graphing calculator, MathStudio Express is the most powerful and versatile calculator app on the App Store.

• Supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• New and improved scripting lang...

Developer: Pomegranate Apps

Notes Note-Ify: Colorful notes with Reminders, TextExpander and Dropbox synchronization on App Store

!!! ON SALE $ 1.99 - $ 0.99 !!! *** Note-Ify Notes - One of the most popular note-taking applications in the world ***

Note-Ify Notes - write everything you need, group into FOLDERS, HIGHLIGHT and mark FAVORITE notes, synchronize via DROPBOX and protect with a PASSWORD.

Inbox, folders...

Developer: Sergii Gerasimenko

Video Cover - Create Title on Video for Instagram on App Store

Video Cover is now free for a limited time!

Video Cover™ Add title on Instagram video with more than 400+ fonts, add matching multiple background music or mute original video sound. Then share on Instagram as 1:1 square size or save to camera roll.

Featured on Today’s Best App by AppAd...

Developer: Nitisa Jetmongkhonrat

Monday, September 28, 2015

Interactive Tutorials For Photoshop CC · Full Version on App Store

▧ Learn Photoshop by tap-dancing!!!
▧ Tap, double tap, long press, drag and drop, shortcuts, just like you are learning on the real Photoshop!
▧ More effective and funny than watching the videos or reading the books!
▧ Yes! It’s not a bunch of theory, it's a complete interactive training pa...

Developer: Li Fazhan

WikiLinks 3 - Smart Wikipedia Reader on App Store

WikiLinks 3 is the most fun and powerful way to discover everything Wikipedia has to offer, in a fantastic multilingual and multimedia experience including an exclusive mind-map of your navigation, suggested YouTube videos, a revolutionary article preview, advanced image browsing, iCloud synchroniza...

Developer: Boris Conforty

Universal Doctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audios on App Store

* Universal Doctor Speaker is free for one month to support the refugee crisis. For more info, visit: *

Universal Doctor Speaker is a multilingual app providing key medical phrases translated across 17 languages with audios to facilitate communication between patients a...

Developer: Universal Projects and Tools S.L.

Delete Duplicates + CleanUp on App Store

Thanks to this app, you can delete all the duplicate contacts from your address book, you can delete a lot of contacts all at once and you can backup your contacts right from your iPhone or iPad.

Users wrote: "It took me 5 mins what would have taken me more than 2 hours to complete"


Developer: Jonathan Teboul

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trimaginator ▲ Create stunning Art with your Photos! on App Store

*** Trimaginator is FREE for a Limited Time!!! ***

Trimaginator allows you to unleash your creativity and transform your photos into unique Works of Art!

Also available on OS X, check the Mac App Store!

▲ Winner of the Platinum Award for "Best Entertainment App", Best Mo...

Developer: Paul Ollivier

Jet Ball Arkanoid on App Store

Jet Ball is a powerful Breakout / Arkanoid game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Brick breaker genre reinvented.

Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to ...

Developer: Alexandr Oresco

Noti:Do with Reminders on App Store


● Featured on the App Store “Popular Apps”

● “This simple productivity app allows you to log all of the tasks you need to complete for the day within Notification Center. It’s perfect for those who are always in a hurry.” - AppAdvice

Register the thin...

Developer: KIM KYUNG MIN

Track Kit - GPS Tracker with offline maps on App Store

Track Kit is a great GPS tracking and publishing app packed with tons of cool features.
Instead of paying $19.99 get Track Kit just for $5.99 right NOW! Don't miss the SALE with a lower price!
Add pictures to your tracks!

Would you like to explore new places even before you start travel...

Developer: Natalia Gavrylova

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crop Video on App Store

The FAST and EASY-TO-USE video cropping application!

Crop Video is an easy video cropping application that allows you to crop videos most conveniently and in seconds, it offers a unique "Crop" function to crop your videos to select only the most beautiful and important part, and cut the unwan...

Developer: Jacky Wu

Typorama - Typography Generator, Cool Fonts Pic Design and Instant Creative Text over Photo Editor on App Store

Love typography and making text graphics? Typorama instantly transforms your text and photos into beautiful typographic designs. Just choose a background, type in a few words and your creative typography is ready!

Typorama saves you tons of work by automatically creating complex text layouts ...

Developer: Sarp Erdag

Microphone | VonBruno on App Store

Use your iPhone as a live microphone! First, plug your iOS device into a stereo system and then, fire up the VonBruno Microphone app. Get everyone's attention, sing along with your music collection, host a game-show in your living room.

Features you’ll love:
• Easy on off switch
• ...

Developer: Von Bruno

Paper Keyboard - Fast typing and playing with an alternative printed projector keypad on App Store

Supports iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,5c,6 and 6 Plus!

Are you tired of typing on your screen? Forget bluetooth, use paper! Just print a PDF file on paper and use it as a keyboard. How? Put your phone where marked on the paper and see the magic happen: the phone’s camera detects your fingers with state ...

Developer: Gyorgyi Kerekes

Lumen Trails Time Tracker - Task Timer, List Maker and Multi-purpose Journal on App Store

• Apple “New Year, New You” Favorite
• Apple App Store Staff Favorite

Lumen Trails is an omni tracker. It lets you take notes, make lists and keep track of other things in your life, such as time, workouts, expenses, calories, food, weight, sleep or anything else you can think of. Thousan...

Developer: Lumen Spark LLC

Friday, September 25, 2015

Boom Land™ on App Store

In this game you have the role of a demolition man. You've got several types of bombs to demolish a variety of buildings. Your aim is to destroy as much as you can of the building.

* Amazing looking graphics
* Realistic and entertaining destructions
* Interesting puzzles
* 72 levels ...

Developer: Mirage-lab

Data Manager Pro - Data Usage & Speed Test on App Store

Data Manager Pro will manage both Cellular (4G/LTE/3G/Edge/GPRS) and Wi-Fi data usage in real time from your device. This app will let you be in control of your data usage to avoid the costly overage charges your provider may charge providing alerts when data usage reaches user thresholds. This app...

Developer: Nutec Apps, LLC

picTrove Pro - image search across multiple services on App Store

iOS 7+ users: Please get our picTrove 2 pro app instead of this one.
The most advanced Internet photo searching, browsing app. Read through the description for the details!

picTrove supports these photo serv...

Developer: Traversient Tech LLP

PDF Smart Convert - PDF all your MS Office, iWork, Web Content, Clipboard and Images on App Store

***PDF Smart Convert is FREE for a limited time!*** Don't miss out!
Work smart, not hard. PDF Smart Convert gives you maximum productivity!

PDF Smart Convert offers you the most refined package to view, convert and share your files wherever you go. PDF Smart Convert is a robust tool that ...

Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Localscope - Find places and people around you on App Store

Location Browser for your iPhone

Localscope is a window to your world that lets you explore your surroundings like never before. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media sharing services and ot...

Developer: Cynapse

Sentinel 3: Homeworld on App Store

***** Sentinel 4: Dark Star is now available! Get the series' latest epic installment here on the App Store! *****

The stunning third chapter of the highly acclaimed Sentinel sci-fi tower defense series!

* Metacritic Metascore: 87!
* WINNER: Best App Ever Awards 2010 Best iPad Strat...

Developer: Origin8

Sentinel 4: Dark Star on App Store

Get the mighty JUGGERNAUT Hero Commander at a 50% discount for a limited time!
Plus up to 75% off Star Fragments - the bigger the pack, the bigger the savings!

The galaxy's finest tower def...

Developer: Origin8

iTV Shows 3 on App Store

iTV Shows 3 is the best series tracker you’ve ever seen. This powerful app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones in just minutes. iTV Shows 3 was designed exclusively for iOS 8.

Access everything
• With the use of multiple databases, your series information has never ...

Developer: Antoine Gamond

Russian Art HD on App Store

●●● FREE until Sep 28!

"The majestic Russian paintings pleases audiences with its volatility and the perfection of artistic form." -

1487 paintings by Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Savrasov, Repin, Levitan, Vrubel, Roerich, Surikov, Vasiliev and of many others artists.

App g...

Developer: Evolution Games LLP

miniSynth 2 on App Store


Back in 2008 when the App Store was very young, Yonac released miniSynth, the very first iOS synthesizer. Compact and user-friendly, it introduced hundreds of thousands of iOS users to...

Developer: Yonac Inc.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

He Likes The Darkness on App Store

*** Only on the App Strore ***

Hi Likes The Darkness - a story about a little creature named Paul, who wholeheartedly loves darkness. So imagine all the sadness of this creature , when the sky the stars appear . Starlight dispels all darkness , making sweet creature simply can not find a plac...

Developer: Taras Kirnasovskiy

Levitagram - Levitation Photography for Dummies! on App Store

*** 5.0 Major Update ***

Best-selling and first ever levitation photography app just become even better with the new 5.0 update!

Levitagram has been featured in many news media and review sites, include "NextWeb", "CNet", "MakeUseOf", "Mac World", "AppAdvise", "TechHive" ... It was na...

Developer: LOCQL, Inc.

Survivalpedia - Military and Wilderness Survival Field Manuals on App Store

Welcome to the finest collection of Army and Military survival handbooks, field manuals, and valuable knowledge ever collected under 1 app. Survivalpedia is your ultimate resource for all things related to survival and personal protection. Contained here are thousands of pages and illustrations ra...

Developer: Fishington Studios

NOTE'd on App Store

Simple, Easy and Beautiful!
Now, make your own handy and well-favored notepad with NOTE'd

NOTE'd sort notepads for use you want and save every minute of you whenever.
The idea flashed into your head, the beautiful scenery before your eyes,
the music ringing in your ears and here at y...

Developer: Suxxexx

Cradle of Rome on App Store

Welcome to the legendary Cradle Of Rome – a unique mix of match-3 and city-builder! Do you hear the sound of the trumpets celebrating your becoming the Emperor?

One of the most powerful capitals that have ever existed is calling for you to become its Ruler! Conquer 100 gripping levels by swap...

Developer: Awem Studio

Atomus on App Store

::: What is Atomus? :::

• Atomus is a highly complex, kinetic, and interactive visualizer yet it is also an amazingly beautiful work of art.
• Atomus was designed to help people who want to think more creatively or who need a change of pace.
• Atomus is an excellent game/toy/party en...

Developer: SungLab

Suee and the Shadow Pt 1 on App Store

It's Suee's second day at her new school and already things are getting very strange...

Suee, who never did have many friends to begin with (by choice, she insists) suddenly has to contend with a most unexpected companion: her shadow, who talks too much and has a mind of its own. Sue...

Developer: B hive, Inc.

HIPSTAMATIC Camera on App Store

HIPSTAMATIC® Camera is a world-class photography app and Apple’s original App of the Year!

■ FREE for a limited time, to celebrate the launch of version 300 ■

Make your photos as beautiful as your life and become part of the world’s most creative community, exclusively on iPhone. Sorry...

Developer: Hipstamatic, LLC